You should all be ten times jealous of my newly acquired yummy sushi pajamas.

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Flight Training in Florida

That’s what’s happening this summer. The Navy is sending me on my summer break to do a mini flight surgery rotation. That should be interesting and potentially fun.

Rumor has it that we get weekends off. Which means beach time because, ya know, Florida. And I’m talking to one of my friends about this and how I should look into obtaining a swimsuit.

Her: Don’t you have a Navy swimsuit?
Me: Yes. It’s black and it’s a sport style one piece just like yours. That’s super boring. I want something with a bit more fashion than that if I’m going to be hanging out at the beach having a good time.
Her: Well, do you really need another swimsuit? I mean, you could just wear shorts and a t-shirt.
Me: You mean, for going in the ocean and swimming and stuff?! No way! 
Her: You could just, like, wear the shorts over your Navy suit.
Me: I think you’re missing the point of me looking cute in a swimsuit!
Her: *elevator eyes* *shrug*

Well excuse you, hunny. I know you’re one of those girls who naturally has the XS military uniforms just falling off your body. I know you don’t get what it’s like to be larger than prepubescently stick then. But that doesn’t mean you need to judge me for my body like that. I look fabulous in whatever I wear, and if I’m going to be in Florida for the first time since I was 16, and I’m going to be at the beach, I’m not going to cover up with shorts and a t-shirt just to please your judging eyes.

I may be the “fat friend.” But this fat friend is gonna rock a fancy as fuck swimsuit and aint nobody gonna stop me!

Also, a size 8 isn’t fat so fuck you. 

A girl in my class ran Boston today.

She finished in 3:14!!!!


Just registered for the 2014 Baltimore Half Marathon!!

iamlittlei convinced me that I need to do it with her. :-)

I put down 2:30 as a estimated finish time. Here’s to reaching that goal!! October should hopefully give me enough time to train for that time. Hopefully!

Also, two in one year?? I’m becoming a monster!!

I thought I had run out of things to procrastinate with, but I was wrong.

I totally revamped my races page. So, ya know, if you’re interested in going back and reliving every race I’ve ever run, you can do that now!

Here. Have a picture with me and some of my favorite people from my white coat ceremony last weekend. :-)

Anonymous asked:
Five Guys is really bad for you! You can't stay lean eating garbage :/




I consume about 13,000 calories per week of natural and healthy foods to fit my macro needs. Let’s say once a week I indulge and consume 1000 calories of “bad food”.

That means, only 7% of my overall intake is “bad”.


That’s it.

Plus, it’s good for your soul so get real and eat a burger please.

I love five guys

I loved Five Guys before I stopped eating meat! And I lost well over 60 lbs, so…yeah…


Somebody told me once that you should write down your goals to help you achieve them.

Somebody else told me that you should always set 3 goals when running a race you want to do well on.
1- The I am not disappointed in myself for trying and succeeding goal.
2- The realistic, this is what I would like to achieve goal.
3- The fantastic reach goal. It’s unlikely you’ll make it, but it gives you something to strive for. And if you do make it, you’re a goddess!

So here are my goals for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2014.

1- To finish. To finish is always my goal. Specifically, I would like to finish under all of my previous times to not be disappointed. So, to finish under 3 hours is my first goal.

2- 2:45. This is the time I would really like to hit. This is my actual, real goal for the marathon. This is what I’m going for.

3- sub-2:30. Seriously, I want to run a sub 2:30 half marathon. Actually, I want to run a sub-2 half. But I’ll get there. I’m working my way up. For now, my ultimate reach goal for this half is a sub-2:30. We’ll see how close I get.

My race is in a little less than 3 weeks! Let’s get excited!!

Here’s a fun fact about weight loss:

For reference, I recently bought a size 8 dress, although I regularly wear a size 10. Despite this fact, when shopping for clothes, my first instinct is still to check the plus size section.

It’s been 3 years since I wore plus sized clothing.

My body has shrank, but I don’t think my mind will ever completely follow. 

I ran a 1:36:00 8 miles today. I feel pretty pumped about it.

Of course, now it’s dinner time, and all I want to eat is like, bread and chocolate and donuts. :-/

I have roasted vegetables and salad in the fridge. It’s right there waiting for me.

But donuts. Come on.