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In quixoticandabsurd's and @dreamsoftheunimagined’s very thoughtful half marathon gift to me was a copy of the Oatmeal’s book, The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances. Unbeknownst to them when they picked it out for me, mb24jg had already gotten me a copy. With Rachel’s…

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New PR, but not quite my goal.

I finished the race today in 2:43:55. That is my best half marathon time yet!!!! I’m very proud of my performance today, and very happy to have participated in the Baltimore Marathon!!!

That being said, I didn’t quite hit my goal. I really, really, really, REALLLLLLYYY want that sub-2:30. Like, really.

I had trained to run a 2:30. I was ready to go for a 2:30. I started out running and was on pace for a 2:30 up through mile 5. Then, mile 6 happened. And mile 7 and 8 and 9 and 10. And I swear to god those miles were straight up hill the entire way. (Miles 11-13 were much more like 1-5, and I returned to an appropriate pacing time to finish out the race.)

I don’t know if you know this, but Maryland used to be a swamp. They filled in the swamp land to build the White House in DC, etc. Therefore, Maryland is mostly pretty flat. Or at least all the parts I’ve been to. Not so in Baltimore. Not so.

I didn’t do any hill training. I just assumed the course would be flat like my area of Maryland. I wasn’t expecting Pittsburgh level altitude changes. I was very very wrong.

I’m not trying to make excuses for my time. The fact is, I didn’t train well enough. I didn’t do any hill repeats. I didn’t do any uphill sprints. In fact, the only hill I’ve run in the he last 4 months is the curvature of a bridge near my home, which barely even registers as an incline on the map.

So, I went in unprepared for the race. I didn’t train effectively enough, and that reflected in my time- and the amount of the race I spent walking up hills trying to convince my body it should run them. It wouldn’t, and my goal went unachieved.

Next time!!!

Tomorrow is half marathon day!!!

Here’s to a new PR!! Hopefully…

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Excellent read.

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PRT Time!!

I passed.

  • Sit ups: 59 out of 54 needed for a “Good” score.
  • Push ups: 25 out of 19 needed for a “Good” score.
  • Run: 13:29, which was solidly “Good” and 6 seconds short of “Excellent”

Not my best scores in any category. From last time, I decreased in sit ups, stayed the same in push ups, and hastened my run by 22 seconds. 

I was legit 2 timer seconds away from NOT being the slowest person in my class this time 13:29 vs 13:27. …..SO CLOSE!!! NEXT TIME!!!!

PRT Tomorrow

My last stats:

  • Sit ups: 68
  • Push ups: 25
  • Run: 13:51

My best stats:

  • Sit ups: 75
  • Push ups: 28
  • Run: 12:40

What I need to pass:

  • Sit ups: 54
  • Push ups: 19
  • Run: 14:53

My goal tomorrow is to pass. But if I can beat either of the two sets of scores posted above, I think I’ll reward myself. I’m going out to dinner after the PRT. I’m sure I can find something very rewarding on the drinks and dessert menus. :-)

I didn’t pass my weigh in, but I did pass the body fat testing.
Measured in with 29% body fat, well under the 33% limit. I just can’t hit that 163 lb limit.

Race Day is Soon Approaching

I’m getting nervous.

I really really really really want a sub-2:30.

Today I ran 11 miles in 2:15. :-/ That means I need to finish the last two in 15 minutes. I was so tired and crampy at 11 miles, there’s no way I could pull off a 7.5 minute mile for the last two miles. 

On a positive note, I ran sub-race pace (11:27/mile or faster) for the first 6 miles. I ran a really great 5k time for me (33:34), and my best 10k time yet (1:09:??). I even ran my best 7 and 8 mile times yet, though both of those were slower than race pace. 

In defense of my time, it was an afternoon run (I do better in the morning), and I wasn’t hydrated or fueled or rested well. So maybe on race day, when I’ve eaten carbs, drank lots of water, and gotten a full night’s sleep I’ll be better equipped to stick with race pace for longer. I also have 3 more weeks to train. So, not ALL hope is lost, even if I do feel like it’s a long shot. 

I finished 11 miles at my half last May in 2:17:35. But I only maintained a sub-11:30 pace through mile four. So… Idk. I guess we’ll see what race day brings. 

Well, my weigh in is Tuesday and my PRT is Friday.

It’s been over a month. I got no where in terms of weight. I tracked my calories and everything I ate. Nothing. Not even close to my weigh in weight. I should pass the body fat taping ok, but it’s so subjective. We’ll see who’s actually doing the taping. 

I’m confident that I will pass my run. I’ve been doing so much running, and my endurance and speed have improved. I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to pass the push ups too. I won’t do awesome. I won’t get zillions of push ups. But I’ll manage to pass, mostly because the passing bar is set so low.

The sit ups are concerning. I can usually do a set of 30 fairly easily. After that, I can eek them out in sets of 5-10 with a break between depending on how tired I am. So can I easily do the 60 that I need to pass, yes. The question is whether or not I’ll be able to do them in the 2 minute time limit. I have to keep my breaks short, but if they’re too short, I can’t perform the next set. 

Even if I do pass all three elements, it’s still considered an over all failure if I don’t pass the weigh in/body fat taping.

So yeah.

That blows. 

Still complaining, just walk on by

I have tracked my calories at a deficit for 4 weeks now. I managed to lose 1 pound, on a good day. Some days, only half a pound down is what the scale is showing.

I went to my roommates birthday party yesterday, and I decided that I wouldn’t be tracking my calories. It was one day, I ran 9 miles that morning, and I was going to enjoy the day fully without worrying about what I ate.

I’m up five and a half pounds. Yup. 5.5 pounds gained.

In what universe can you eat at a deficit for a month and not lose anything, and then spend one day eating like a normal person… (seriously, I had eggs, half a bagel with cream cheese, half a clif bar, three pieces of pizza, a slice of paleo birthday cake, half of a small cheese, nuts, fruit, and crackers plate, Gatorade, and a couple of glasses of wine, it’s not like I ate 15,000 calories or anything.) and gain over five pounds??

What is my body even doing?????

Yes, I’ve been a fitblr for more than three years now. I know the number on the scale is NOT the best way to judge healthy lifestyle changes. I know that you can experience muscle gain before fat loss, and small changes the scale can’t appreciate in other ways. Normally, I’m all over this. I judge my weight by how my pants are fitting. I take bust, waist, neck, and hip measurements. I see improvements in my fitness as progress.

But that’s not what this weight loss has been about. My navy weigh in is in two weeks. I’ve spent the last four weeks trying really hard to get my weight down in a slow, progressive way so that I wouldn’t need to crash diet the few days before the weigh in.

And now, here I am, two weeks out and 4 pounds up from where I started originally. And I’m SO ANGRY about it. I want to be healthy. I want to treat my body right. That’s been the point of everything on this blog for the last three years.

So here I am, treating my body right and getting no where. And because I CAN NOT fail my weigh in, I’m going to be forced to do something unhealthy to pass.

I just have this feeling like what’s the freaking point of the effort I put in over the last month if I’m just going to have to cut anyway??? Why do I even try???