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I have tracked my calories at a deficit for 4 weeks now. I managed to lose 1 pound, on a good day. Some days, only half a pound down is what the scale is showing.

I went to my roommates birthday party yesterday, and I decided that I wouldn’t be tracking my calories. It was one day, I ran 9 miles that morning, and I was going to enjoy the day fully without worrying about what I ate.

I’m up five and a half pounds. Yup. 5.5 pounds gained.

In what universe can you eat at a deficit for a month and not lose anything, and then spend one day eating like a normal person… (seriously, I had eggs, half a bagel with cream cheese, half a clif bar, three pieces of pizza, a slice of paleo birthday cake, half of a small cheese, nuts, fruit, and crackers plate, Gatorade, and a couple of glasses of wine, it’s not like I ate 15,000 calories or anything.) and gain over five pounds??

What is my body even doing?????

Yes, I’ve been a fitblr for more than three years now. I know the number on the scale is NOT the best way to judge healthy lifestyle changes. I know that you can experience muscle gain before fat loss, and small changes the scale can’t appreciate in other ways. Normally, I’m all over this. I judge my weight by how my pants are fitting. I take bust, waist, neck, and hip measurements. I see improvements in my fitness as progress.

But that’s not what this weight loss has been about. My navy weigh in is in two weeks. I’ve spent the last four weeks trying really hard to get my weight down in a slow, progressive way so that I wouldn’t need to crash diet the few days before the weigh in.

And now, here I am, two weeks out and 4 pounds up from where I started originally. And I’m SO ANGRY about it. I want to be healthy. I want to treat my body right. That’s been the point of everything on this blog for the last three years.

So here I am, treating my body right and getting no where. And because I CAN NOT fail my weigh in, I’m going to be forced to do something unhealthy to pass.

I just have this feeling like what’s the freaking point of the effort I put in over the last month if I’m just going to have to cut anyway??? Why do I even try???


Today was my (ex)roommate’s birthday party. What she wanted was another paleo birthday cake like last year and a group tasting tour through Virginia Wine Country. So I baked a cake, and we hired a limo-bus and drank wine from about 10:30am to 4:00pm.

I planned ahead. I knew that I had 9 miles of marathon training on the schedule for Sunday. I knew that there was a great possibility of me being hung over on Sunday and NOT wanting to run 9 miles. I also have a really big school assignment due Monday morning, and I wanted Sunday to work on it.

Running Saturday night was clearly out, and while running Friday night was an option, I had a paper due Saturday morning that I had to finish Friday night. Also, I hate running after eating dinner. I feel gross.

So what was I left with? Skip the run? In the past that would have been a distinct possibility. But not now, not this race. I had to run these miles.

So for the first time since my military “boot camp” training, I was up in the 4 o’clock hour to go exercise. I ran 8.6 miles in 2 hours, and while I didn’t finish the full nine because I was running out of time to get ready to leave, I still felt like I had accomplished a good thing.

I’m really proud of how well I’ve stuck to my training schedule for this race, and I think this morning proves my dedication. I want that sub-2:30 so hard.

That being said, the pace of most of my long training runs would put me at mile 12 at 2:30, not 13.1. I’m trying my best, but when I run any faster, I end up feeling so dead I have to walk. I’m doing sprint work outs and race pace runs, and I’m easily maintaining pacing on those shorter runs. I’m on pace until about 5 miles, and then I die.

I’ve still got a month and 4 long training runs. I can only hope I get stronger before this race happens.

Come ONNN, physics.

My current total calorie deficit for the last three weeks was 8,458. That’s enough calories to earn myself 2.4 pounds down in three weeks.

Almost my entire intake is organic and homemade (excepting my protein shakes), with a good mix of vegetables, fruits, and proteins, mostly from fish and eggs and dairy products.

I stuck to my training plan better than any month in my life. I skipped a total of five workouts for the entire month of August. Five, out of the whole month.

I’m currently running about 18-20 miles a week, biking 10 miles a week, and working on abs/core and arms to get my sit ups and push ups down better before my prt. I am significantly improving in endurance, and counts on all of these exercises.

I’m managing 6-7 hours of sleep per night, which is a lot for a med student, and more than enough for me to be thankful for. I haven’t had to move beyond one cup of coffee a day, so that’s good enough for me.


My point is.

If nutrition, exercise, and sleep is rocking…how come the scale says I’m not even down half a pound yet?????????

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May have bought some new shirts today because of sales and free shipping!

My body is defying the laws of physics right now.

In that I’ve been maintaining a perfect net 3,500 calorie (1 pound) per week deficit for the last two weeks, and I’ve gained two pounds.

You’re really helping with the weigh-in that’s coming up soon, body. Really helping.

I’m trying to be healthy. I gave myself a decent amount of time and a super healthy diet, and you go and gain weight on me. This is the opposite of healthy. This means I’m going to be cutting before my weigh in again, and that’s what I was trying to avoid.

I understand your obsession with 173 lbs, body. I have obsessions too- like reading good books and coconut water. But I know when I have to set them aside. And you should too.

I know we saw a number verging on 171 on the scale a few days ago. You didn’t need to go and plump yourself back up to 175 just to prove to me you wouldn’t go down without a fight. It was really unnecessary because you’ve been fighting everything below 173 lbs since I was 13 years old. I get it. I already understand. Just go quietly, and this will be easier on all of us because I won’t need to deprive you on September 21 and 22.

Just be nice, ok? Please???





Tip for marathon: take three step, A celebrate it! Do again until complete 26 mile! Very easy, donot forget hoorays!

New training plan





Tip for marathon: take three step, A celebrate it! Do again until complete 26 mile! Very easy, donot forget hoorays!

New training plan

I live in a complex with about 1,000 people. That’s a rough estimate. The community is very large, apartments and town houses spanning several city blocks. With maybe 1-5 people in each unit…idk, 1,000 people seems like a good estimate.

Anyway, I went to the community gym for an hour for cross training today. While I was there, there were 7 people there including myself. Let’s discuss.

1. The guy who ran over 4 miles in under 36 minutes and left.
2. The girl running backwards on the elliptical.
3. The guy who came in, picked up a medicine ball, walked a circle around the gym and left.
4. 5. and 6. Classmates


One month.

My next navy weigh in is Sept 23. My weight limit is 163 lbs (with clothes). I weighed in this morning at 172 without clothes.

This always happens. Always. My body just really likes weighing 173ish pounds. Whenever I lose or gain, I come right back to this number. I have one month to lose enough weight to pass my weigh in…again. I’ll do my best and get close, probably 168ish, and then I’ll have to not eat dinner the night before and not drink anything that morning to get close. But I still won’t be under. They’ll have to tape me, and I will pass, but not by much.

I don’t understand why I can’t stay below 170 lbs. I don’t know what my body has against numbers lower than that. All I really want is to not have to crash diet the night before my weigh ins for the rest of my life. Is that so much to ask, body? Is it???

Anyway, I have one month to lose 8 lbs. Here we go again.

So, marathon training. That’s a thing that’s still happening in my life. Today was supposed to be a 7 mile race pace run. My goal is to finish is 2:30 or less, giving me a pace of 11:30/mile or less. That means my run today, seven miles, should have finished in 1:22:30.

I finished in 1:26:27. 

It’s not under race pace, but it is my fastest 7 mile time yet.

I guess it’s good that I’ve still got over a month to train.